First Month Open!!! Book your summer dates!

  A much anticipated cherry season is in full swing….. The bounty of our modest 2 acres has most certainly shown its full potential, the trees are sagging with its bounty. That said-organic cherries anyone???   .¬†   It certainly was the month of many “firsts”. With the health board inspection completed, the very next day hosted a private cooking class for 5 local ladies. It was so rewarding after the 6 months of hard work to cook in my new kitchen. Trial and error always prevails, and I managed to move most things numerous times trying to find the most suitable home for them all. Simply stunning the amount of gear I have accumulated over the years……to the tune of 6 truck loads….The class was so much fun, and I have since done a gig or two for them. The first week brought a film crew from a show called “Wild Food”, set to air on APTN, sometime next spring. We filmed two episodes, and I had the opportunity to work with a great group of people in the crew-I am humbled for the opportunity to have shared my Chef’s Dream with them all. I am also looking forward to the results of everyone’s hard work. Shortly thereafter, I hosted a FAM tour with some food and travel writers. We tied in a brief cooking class with a wine paired dinner for them, and they were treated to a co host in Bertus Albertyn of Maverick Estate Winery. He is a good friend and fellow food and wine lover, lives two properties away and brought with him a...

Preserving Day in the Backyard Farm Kitchen….

A rainy day calls for a little preserving romance… It was time to break the new kitchen in, so I decided to jar the last of the hot sauce until heirloom tomato season is upon us yet again. Only 4 cases left until I tap into the reserves of beautifully ripened tomatos we froze in the fall of last year. Those of you who have become fans of my hot sauce will appreciate that it is a bit of a hot commodity these days! I also received a bounty of garlic scapes, the small tender shoot of the garlic plant-pickles really nicely so I decided to capitalize on the short availability and processed 12 pounds of these beauties. It was much¬†like trying to jam snakes into a jar, but the end result is a wonderful accompaniment to a charcuterie plate with some friends and a nice bottle of vino…. To finish off the day of processing, I have some organic local strawberries just itching to make themselves into jam. So with a few simple ingredients, I have a few jars of a simple tribute to my love of the strawberry. Just a hint of lavender is sure to cause a few morning smiles, smeared on a piece of sourdough toast paired with your morning coffee…….. And so the season kicks off! It has been a whirlwind few weeks after the launch and I am humbled by the clients who have enjoyed the first few chef’s table evenings. As you have hopefully discovered, the website calendar offers an inside scoop into the upcoming events, as well as available dates for...


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