media farm

What an unbelievable summer thus far….2 weeks ago, I was a bit too busy picking cherries to post this great article, courtesy of Lucy Hyslop and found in the Vancouver Sun on July 2nd. Lucy joined us on a recent media tour to experience the “half corked marathon”, one of the most popular Wine country events every year. This year, 800-1000 people attended the marathon for wine and good times in the sunshine. Kyle and I had the opportunity to cook for this intimate group, and our efforts were recognized in this fantastic article showcasing our region. In addition to this media dinner, we partnered with Road 13 winery to provide a BBQ lunch, and we were found at Church and State providing a Backyard Farm Energy Bar for the participants. What a great weekend, and we are humbled that Lucy chose to write about us in this article in the travel section, along with some great industry peers and colleagues in our region. Follow the link below to check out the article!