Grape harvest is in full swing, and much like the rest of the growing season, it is a few weeks earlier than usual. As our wine making friends are excitedly crushing the vines’ fruits of labour, I have the pleasure to share a wonderful article in The Star, in addition to Real Food Traveller, both from earlier media tours from our very┬ábusy season. I am humbled by the beautifully written acknowledgement of our efforts here at Backyard Farm, and yet again we are included with but a few of the dedicated farmers and wine producers in our fantastic food and wine region. The article in Real Food Traveller has an inclusion of a few chosen recipes from Yvettes’ experience with us…

I also wanted to note the rather fetching photo of young Kyle, also know as “the chosen one”, and Youngblood-the very first apprentice of Backyard Farm, though not to be the last…….looking for the next apprentice for the farm starting next late spring, so Kyle can pass along the knowledge he has acquired and we can continue and elevate our culinary experiences for all of our clients and winery partners….

Thanks you very much for the words of encouragement Lauren Miller and Yvette Cardozo, as well as the photos. Articles such as these inspire our intimate team to continue striving to elevate our culinary experiences in our beautiful region. Follow the link below to read these wonderful articles, sharing our passion for our craft, and dedication to quality.