As many of you may recall, last season, in fact almost a year to the date, we had an unbelievable opportunity to take place in a filming for Nat Geo. The crew from Reelwater Productions came down for a visit to see our farm, and film us during a day at the farm. In coordination with Tourism BC, Nat Geo put together this promo video spotlighting many of the wonderful experiences in our region and province. Better yet, we got to share an evening with some invited friends, and a made a few new ones as well. Thank you Bryan for joining us, and capturing some of the magic in our dream business. We are so proud to be a part of this.

My family and team are so humbled for the opportunity to share even a small glimpse into what we have built, and with such a large forum. And who doesn’t like Nat Geo?……..Check out the link below.