What a beauty, designed and artfully crafted by the lovely Jovia…… A repurposed old window in its’ new home at the front of the property.

Indeed we are closed for “drop in” dining with us, but we don’t want to deter the wealth of interest! There is still a few dates available for our sought after peak season. We wanted to share these dates with you to fill our schedule, while offering other opportunities to enjoy our passion for a quality minded culinary and wine experience with our team of dedicated people and partners.

We currently have a few peak season dates we would love to fill in with private, tailored culinary experiences up to 20 guests. Send us an email or call us to book these last dates for the summer season. They are as follows:

June 26&28

July 3rd

August 7, 8, 14, 21,22, 29

September 5, 11, 12 18, 19, 25th.

For those looking to enjoy our hospitality and food, both on-site at Backyard Farm, or offsite at our winery partner venues, please visit our events details, and contact our partners directly for details and tickets.

Furthermore, we have enhanced our offerings to share food and wine culture with our beautiful region at the farm, partnered with our friend Michael at Devino for curated Al Fresco lunches on our patio at the farm this season. Contact Devino directly for details, pricing and booking for an exclusive stop at Backyard Farm with a premium wine tour. Here is the link for further details and inquiries: Devino Premium Tours

As our 10th season gets into full swing, we are so excited to share our passion and dedication to hospitality, food and wine culture in our beautiful region. Please contact us for further inquiries, or to book and confirm the limited dates we have available for our peak season. Thank you for your interest and support!!!

Chef Chris Van Hooydonk, Mikkel, Baker, Ainsley, Jovia, Kyle, Anna, Kayla, and our entire family and team.