Unfortunately, we regret to inform that our “Black Box” Comfort Kits will not be available this week. The response and support to this meal kit program has been amazing, and we have recognized the key to our continued growth is the diversity of our offerings. Indeed there is still much uncertainty, but we have seen over the last few months that there is an opportunity in front of us. We want to continue to provide our culinary services to all those who appreciate it, and want to share some of our ideas with you.

The team is very excited for the return to the kitchen, and offering Backyard Farm hospitality in our unique private dining room setting.  Looking at June 1st approaching swiftly, we have decided to take this week as an opportunity to get the numerous details in place to facilitate this. We will use this time to focus on the necessary updates to our booking processes and staff training, while considering the wealth of feedback from our valued clients. As always, consumer confidence has been at the forefront of our business, and it certainly has become more relevant now more than ever. We have elevated our quality standards according to all the information accessible to us, and will continue to make adjustments where necessary. In the interim, we felt it was necessary to consider alternatives that will allow us to share our love of food culture in a broader spectrum, given the circumstances.

In response, we have adapted our catering pricing to reflect a new offering. We are finalizing our pricing structure to offer additional “contactless” catering, allowing our clients to serve and enjoy thoughtfully sourced and prepared food from our kitchen, in their home or business. We will still put an emphasis on the tailored approach, with menus being created with flexibility and creativity. Finalized menus are created the week prior to the confirmed catering request, inspired by the local and seasonal availability of ingredients from our farm, dedicated farming partners, producers, foraging friends and suppliers. The essence of what we do remains- just made more approachable. We will still offer our full service catering, but have decided to offer an additional “take away” experience with the same passion and dedication to quality we have built our business upon. We are motivated by the opportunity to share our love of food culture with our guests, and it seems that this may further expand our ability to do so.

The “Contactless” Catering approach allows our guests to order a Box Lunch, Charcuterie Picnic or Multi- Course meal. Prepared for delivery or pickup with a pre-order,  multi-Course meals will come with re-heating and garnishing instructions and suggestions, with the option to have it delivered ready to eat with minimal effort, or dropped off to be prepared at your convenience. Additionally, we can provide set-up for you with supplied rentals, with only the clean up left to worry about.

As with any expanded offerings, we must consider many variables. As we have seen with our Black Box program, our culinary space has its limitations for production cooking, especially with the time, space, packaging, equipment needs and organization necessary. The availability of these services will be reflective of all surrounding potential bookings and events, in order to maintain our fresh, handcrafted food philosophy. We have a very intimate team, and we prefer to make a priority of not stretching ourselves too thin if the end result is not the best it can be…….

We apologize for those we disappointed with the postponement of our Black Box this week, but appreciate your understanding. Schedule permitting, we will certainly update you on future dates through our VIP email, and social media outlets.

For our pricing guidelines, either for a private culinary demonstration at Backyard Farm Chef’s Table, or our diverse catering offerings, send us an email: info@backyard-farm.ca