Happy Tuesday everyone!

The apricots are in full bloom, with the peaches and cherries coming very shortly! Exciting times at the farm, allowing for us to have much distraction from the uncertainty that we are all feeling right now….. We wanted to take this opportunity to update those of you who may be interested in future Black Box Comfort kits, as we navigate through the need to pivot the way we share our passion for food culture with our incredibly supportive clients.

Last week we decided to evolve the idea of our Black Boxes by preparing 20 kits for 2 clients as our “sell out”. The menu was posted on Monday afternoon, and by Tuesday evening, all but 2 were sold! We are elated that so many were interested in supporting this idea, and our mission was to assess the economics of it, along with the demand and capacity of our kitchen set up. As things progressed, we discovered that 20 meal kits will be our capacity moving forward. That said, we are also looking at the possibility of developing a Picnic Meal Kit, to encourage you to get outside and enjoy this beautiful spring weather(from a responsible social distance of course). More on the picnic concept later.

As spring is here, we have found it necessary to take a break this week to do proper labour and food costing, to make sure this is something we can continue feasibly. Further to this, it is an important week for us to focus on the necessary farm tasks to get us ready for planting season, and be able to shift our focus by putting the “Spring things list” to bed….We have received many inquiries about this week, and wanted to inform all those interested. At this time, we are generating a list of those who may be interested in a Black Box, in order to email in priority sequence prior to opening it up to the public. If you would like to be put on our email list, please feel free to email us and we can add you. When the kits are sold out for the week, the following availability will be put forward to the “next in line”. Please understand that as we have discovered, our shift to “production” is much different than the typical offerings for a culinary experience at Backyard Farm, and our facility does have limitations with our desire to make all items the day prior to pickup……We appreciate your understanding!

If you would like to get on our email list, please emailĀ chris@backyard-farm.ca

I am so thrilled by the response we have received, and I have a few more ideas in the works, perhaps a few “live tutorials”, and further recipe contributions to this program. As I have had many clients reach out via social media, text and messenger, it is much more efficient to contact through email. Looking forward to continue sharing our love of our craft with you, hoping to have the opportunity to welcome guests back to the farm soon. Stay safe and healthy, and thank you for practicing social distancing so we can all get back to our love of hospitality in the near(ish) future.

The Backyard Farm Team and Family thanks you!!