Inspired by an “old world” approach to dining, Backyard Farm Chef’s table can host up to 20 guests for a private, multi-course culinary demonstration with pairing suggestions. Hand-crafted, tailored menus are developed and enhanced by Chef Chris Van Hooydonk’s extensive culinary industry experience. Chefs food philosophy encompasses the approachable side to healthy eating and farming, with an emphasis being put on sourcing the freshest (organic when possible), highest quality, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. The majority of ingredients can be found on the 2 acre heritage orchard property, being tended to by his wife Mikkel with their two young daughters in tow, in addition to Chef himself and the culinary team in its entirety. Priority is made in supporting the local, dedicated and quality minded farmer’s and producers in the area which share his passion for food, and food culture. All meats and poultry are sourced with ethical and sustainably raised farming practices, non-medicated and without hormones or antibiotics. Seafood is sourced taking care to ensure they are Oceanwise certified-being harvested and managed responsibly with sustainability in mind. The possibilities are truly endless for menu development. Whether it is a multi-course menu, reception or a family style format, each client benefits from direct involvement in the process. Dietary restrictions and concerns are made a priority in order to ensure each guest is offered the same quality of dining experience. Pricing is based upon a wealth of variables, and is exclusive to each client. In an intimate and engaging setting, the chef’s table overlooks an open concept,  commercial, health board approved kitchen, designed and built by chef himself. The idea of dining within the demonstration kitchen elevates the overall culinary experience by involving the guests in all aspects of preparation, while sharing the stories behind the ingredients, the people who produced and cultivated them as well as the methods of production.  Menus are tailored with client budget, seasonal produce availability and suggested pairings in mind. Customized menus and recipes, handcrafted with passion and integrity-the basis for everything that comes out of the “Backyard Farm” kitchen. For booking availability, or to attend public events, please visit the Calendar page. *Please note that we are for private bookings only. We do not combine exclusive groups, and are not currently available for daily seatings.

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