Backyard Farm Reaching Out…..

Many of you have been to Backyard Farm Chef’s Table for a private culinary experience, or joined us to celebrate food and wine culture at a local winery event, or have supported our endeavours through partnership or simply shown interest in what we are doing at the farm. This interest and support has helped our humble business and team enjoy successes that have far exceeded our loftiest expectations. Although this interest and support has certainly been a catalyst for our swift success, it is the contribution from the very first and talented apprentice Kyle Campbell that has proven to make the biggest impact on our business and family. Not only his ambition and talents have helped shape the future of Backyard Farm, but his positive attitude and personal approach to his craft have brought him into our lives as an employee, in which he quickly became a member of our family. Kyles help has played an instrumental role in helping me find balance in family life and business, and to say that I am grateful would be an understatement. He was witness to our family growing, and adds an element to our lives and business that few could rival. As I have enjoyed the last 2 years of being a father to our little girl Ainsley, less than a week ago, we got to share in the joy of parenthood with him, celebrating the birth of his son, Grayson. As if he needed it, yet another inspiration for him to continue to pursue his own success, was brought forward.

With heavy hearts, I am reaching out to our friends in life and business, our peers and colleagues, to inform you of an incredibly unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance. Kyle was in an accident, and has suffered an serious leg injury, leading to surgery and a lengthy recovery. My goal is to help offset the stress of supporting his new and growing family while he needs to focus on recovering his strength and mobility. We want to  help him in any way possible, and have Kyle return to our team and kitchen as soon as he is ready and able, continuing to help us represent our amazing culinary and wine region through food program. With careful consideration, and for the sake of making this a bit more of a personal approach, we would like to welcome any sentiments for Kyle’s recovery directly to Backyard Farm. As Kyle is transitioned home, we will be sure to share his progress on his terms, and would be thrilled for the opportunity to share your well wishes and support as he begins the process of physio and healing. I can assure you, he is in great spirits, and already is planning his return-only 1 day after surgery no less! Please get in touch with me directly to find out how you can help, or if you would like drop off your well-wishes for “Smiling Kyle”, every little bit will help inspire him, and we cant wait to have him join us for the rest of the season! Please contact me to find out how you might be able to  help us show Kyle some love via email at:

Thank you to everyone for your consideration, and support in Kyle’s triumphant return!

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